The Best Freelance Platforms & Websites

The big four freelancing platforms:

Europe’s biggest freelancing site for services and projects. Has an application process, but potentially offers better earnings because of this.

A merger of two big former freelancing sites: Elance and oDesk. A global marketplace but feels very American. Shows the lifetime earnings of freelancers.

Originally created as services for $5, but now more of a global marketplace for services of all costs. More service-based than project-based.

Also a merger of many former freelancing sites. An Australian-owned company, with a global marketplace for services and projects.


Other generalist freelancing sites:

  • Guru
  • goLance
  • FreeeUp
  • CloudPeeps
  • Zeerk: For “micro jobs”
  • The Hoxby Collective
  • LocalSolo: A curated talent network of almost 30,000 freelancers, where businesses, agencies, and start-ups hire freelancers directly or via the company. The difference is searching local and finding local freelancers. Freelancers must apply and pass the application process.
  • Hubstaff: A growing, global site with no fees at all. There’s more of a focus on contract-based roles than other sites, and you can find a mix of remote & on-site roles.


Writing-specific sites:

  • Reedsy: My personal favourite and most-used site. This is a book-specific freelancing site where you can find content editing, copy editing, proofreading, and ghost writing jobs directly with authors. It also has an area for marketing and publicity professionals.



  • Reedsy: A book-specific site, ideal for book designers, layout/formatting designers, and cover designers. Work directly with authors. They individually screen each client to get the best.
  • 99 Designs: A design marketplace for websites, graphic design, book covers, and logos.
  • Toptal: A site specifically for developers, web designers, and finance experts. They individually screen each client to get the best.
  • DesignHill: A website for top designers with a strict application process so they get the best people. Less competition.



  • Warrior Forum: The world’s largest internet marketing marketplace.
  • Ebyline: A global site for outsourced marketing and content creation work. Includes freelance writers, journalists, and quality content creators. Matches creators with big brands.
  • Aquent: Freelance work around the globe for digital marketing and creative professionals.



  • Student Gems: A great place for students to start freelancing without any work experience.
  • Boonle: A design site specifically for students.



  • Peerwith: A peer-2-peer marketplace for academic and research experts.
  • Codeable: The number 1 outsourcing service for WordPress developers.
  • Crowdsource: Creates teams that specialise in content creation, editing, and monitoring for online retailers, media companies, and publishers. The platform breaks large tasks up into smaller tasks.
  • Outsource: Similar to Crowdsource, matches freelancers with people hiring across a wide range of jobs.
  • Periodix: A service that aggregates freelance and remote projects from various job boards such as Upwork, ZipRecruiter, etc. by leveraging AI.


Freelance contracts:

  • Indeed: As well as being a traditional jobs board, you can search for freelance roles on Indeed. Usually, these are independent contract roles for a specific amount of time, either full-time or part-time.
  • LinkedIn: Again, you can search for freelance jobs on their jobs pages. It’s also worth adding the word “freelance” to your job title as companies sometimes contact you directly when they’re looking for a freelancer.


A Freelance Toolbelt of Useful Websites:

  • Logo design: A great article that summarises the best ways to create logos as a freelancer.
  • RescueTime: Time-tracking software to see how you spend your time.
  • Canva: A free program that enables you to create social media posts.
  • Quidco: Earn cash back on your purchases from thousands of online retailers.
  • Meetup: Find events and networking opportunities in your local area.
  • Dispace: Free co-working venues in major UK cities.
  • TextBlaze: Set up shortcuts for common text entries and templates online.

Which of these are your favourites? Which have you had the most success through?

Know of more freelance websites, platforms, or resources? Get in touch and we’ll add them to the list!