Useful Apps for Freelancers

As a freelancer, there are plenty of apps that can make your life easier. What’s more, a lot of them are actually free! From managing your time and priorities to helping you focus, they’re a freelancer’s best friend…

Time and focus

To get the ideal freelance life, you need to know what hours you’re actually working. Managing your time has many benefits, such as increasing productivity and focus, knowing your most and least productive hours, identifying distractions and time wasters, and helping you maintain a better work-life balance.

Rescue Time runs in the background of your PC and monitors time spent on each program/website. The free version offers reports, a simple dashboard, and an end-of-week email. You can set the ratings from productive to distracting, to see where you can improve.

Similar to Rescue time but with a more complex dashboard and less options in the free version. Benefits include being able to export to Excel for invoicing and a manual stopwatch to track time.

It aims to be the simplest time tracker—where you just click a button to monitor your time. You can also set up projects with timelines and budgets.

Timely tracks time reactively, but also lets you proactively organise your week to better estimate how long tasks take. There’s no free version, and it’s around $15 a month.

Set yourself focus sessions based on the Pomodoro time management technique (25 minutes focus, then take a break).


Project management

A great app for more complex projects, as you can set up larger projects with individual tasks and a high level of customisation.

A simple to-do list where you tick off daily tasks, though you can also create projects.

Ideal for projects and workflows you need to keep track of with clients.

Similar to Flow, ideal for team project conversations and workflows.



Create logos, infographics, and more.

Download for royalty-free images.

Edit your own photos from RAW.