What Is the Ideal Amount of Freelance Clients?

When I first started out as a freelancer, I never really considered the ideal number of clients for my workload. In fact, for most new freelancers, it’s a case of saying “yes please” to any and all clients. But if you don’t want to be under-earning or over-working, considering your ideal basket of clients is … More What Is the Ideal Amount of Freelance Clients?

Does Freelancing Affect Your Employability?

With an impending Brexit meaning that employers aren’t committing to permanent hires, many candidates are considering freelancing as a stop-gap between jobs or because they’re struggling to find the right employed job for them. But the question weighing on many minds is: will freelancing will affect my ability to gain a traditional job? Are employers … More Does Freelancing Affect Your Employability?

How to Start Building a Freelance Network

Last week, I talked about the importance of networking as a freelancer, which isn’t a topic that many freelancers necessarily think about—being lone workers and independent spirits. However, studies show that freelancing can be lonely, so networking offers the perfect opportunity to get out, meet new people, and develop useful contacts. Today, we’ll look at … More How to Start Building a Freelance Network