How to Have a Happy Freelance Christmas


It’s that wonderful time of year when you get to catch up with family and friends, consume copious amounts of extravagant food, and attend countless social gatherings and Christmas parties. But while everyone else is “breaking up for Christmas” (to use office-speak), freelancers can find themselves camped behind the laptop until Christmas Eve. To ensure you have a jolly time this festive period, here are our top 5 tips to have a happy freelance Christmas this year!

#1 Take a break

It can be tempting to work right through Christmas, especially if you have a lengthy to-do list and projects yet to complete. However, don’t miss the opportunity to spend time with loved ones and enjoy the festivities. Plan some time off over the Christmas period, even if it’s only a few days. As a freelancer, breaks are vital for your physical and mental health, and when better to take a break than during party season? If you can, take the whole week off and really kick back with Christmas movies and mince pies.

#2 Inform your clients

There’s always the concern that clients will be annoyed if you’re not available, but in reality, most clients won’t expect you to work all of the time, especially over festive periods. However, if you plan to take time off over Christmas, make sure your clients are fully aware of when you are and aren’t available to keep them happy. Send them an email telling them you’re off for Christmas and when you’ll be back to answer any queries or deliver any work. And don’t forget to wish them a happy Christmas!

#3 Set your out of office

If you’re likely to get new enquiries or messages from potential clients over the holidays, it’s important to set your out of office so they don’t think you’re just slow to reply. A lack of response without any good reason can mean you lose out on business. Inform them when they can expect to receive a reply and wish them happy holidays.

#4 Turn off notifications              

Although everyone knows you’re not available, you may still get distracting notifications, emails, and updates, and it’s tempting to think “I’ll just reply to that”. Don’t. A break means a break, and if you really want to be a happy freelancer this Christmas, switch off work notifications on both your phone and laptop until you’re back. Then put the laptop away.

#5 Plan for 2020

If you really feel that you should do some work over the holidays, spend the time focusing on your plan for 2020 instead. Evaluate what went well this year and what could have gone better, and take the time to be grateful for your freelance lifestyle. Set your goals for the coming year and plan the next year for your freelance business. Use the time to get ready, get focused, and become an even better freelancer in 2020.

Happy Christmas from A Freelance Life!

For more freelance tips and insights, stay tuned – as we’ll be back with even more for 2020! To avoid missing out, you can follow us via email or WordPress. Here’s to a great 2020…



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