20 Things That Only Freelancers Understand


As a freelancer, there are certain things about your working life that only make sense to other freelancers. Whether it’s working from home, taking on too much work, or having an irregular income, there are common things that us freelancers identify with. Since it’s Monday and nobody likes Mondays, let’s take a look at the funny things that only freelancers understand.

Freelance work

  1. Too much work is better than no work. This means saying yes to every job that comes your way, even if you end up overcommitting and pulling an all-nighter on ProPlus like you’re back at uni.tile-193295_640
  2. Nobody understands what you actually do. Even when you explain it. Instead, they nod along like the Churchill dog, fooling nobody.
  3. Most people think you don’t actually do anything. Even when you explain that you do. They think it’s some kind of jolly.
  4. If only you had a pound for every time someone said “I don’t know how you motivate yourself”. If they don’t think you do nothing, they’re baffled that you manage to motivate yourself to do work rather than watching TV all day. It’s simple—no work = no food or house. There’s nothing like empty cupboards and defaulting on a mortgage to motivate you.
  5. You never have to ask permission to do anything. You do what you want. You’re the boss, so what you say goes.

Working from home

  1. PJs are basically a work uniform. Even if the postman looks judgy when you answer the door in your onesie every day. In fact, you’re reaching the point when you answer the door and say “I’m a freelancer!” to explain why you never get dressed.
  2. The sofa is a home office. You have a proper home office that you never work in, because the sofa is far too comfortable. Who needs an ergonomic chair or standing desk? The sofa has cushions. Lots of them.
  3. The garden call also be a home office if it’s a sunny day. This means your home office equipment needs to include an extension cable, a matte-screen laptop, a parasol, garden chairs, and sunscreen.
  4. A day out is working from Starbucks or your local coffee shop. I mean, you left the house, so it definitely counts.
  5. You can go days without physically speaking to another human being. Or leaving the house for that matter. Is that three-day old cereal I see in your hair?
  6. Your pet is your colleague. Colleague of the month actually. And what a good boy/girl they are. cat-4037007_640.jpg


  1. Your bank account looks like a rollercoaster. You can go from payday millionaire to flat broke in a few days, then back again.
  2. You have pots of money squirreled away everywhere for emergencies. There’s a “didn’t earn anything this month” pot and a “the fridge broke” pot and a “had a cold that week” pot.
  3. You spend a lot of time sending invoices, chasing invoices, and keeping track of invoices. There’s only so many times you can politely remind someone about paying an invoice before you turn into a screeching velociraptor.
  4. You live and die by the spreadsheet. Yes, there’s software like QuickBooks and FreeAgent to track your finances, but are they as comprehensive as your spreadsheet? Not likely. excel-1771393_640-e1561800381256.jpg

Time off

  1. You can take a 4-hour lunch break if you like. Nobody will even notice.
  2. The outside world is empty during the week because everyone else is at work. No queue at Aldi. Winner.
  3. Any day could be a work day. This means weekends are at risk of being sucked into work time, and you never know what day it is.
  4. You can take 48 days annual leave if you want. Or even more. YAY!
  5. But…holidays mean no earnings. BOOOOO. Oh well, who needs a holiday anyway.diary-2116244_640.jpg

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Which resonate the most? Comment below or get in touch.

And stay tuned for more freelance insights on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on A Freelance Life.

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