How to Overcome Freelance Fears


When people talk to me about becoming a freelancer, they often have many fears about the journey. These fears include the lack of job stability, earning enough to pay the bills, being good enough to succeed, and achieving a work-life balance. But are these fears justified? Should you be scared to go freelance? As an experienced freelancer, I’ll give you an honest insight into freelance fear and what you can do about it.

#1 Reframe fear

Although the idea of giving up a regular salary for something unstable can be risky, it doesn’t mean that you should be scared of becoming a freelancer. Instead, try to reframe your fears and worries into realistic optimism. This means being optimistic about your ability to achieve success and realistic about the challenges you might face along the way. These two factors enable you to prepare adequately and get an accurate sense of yourself.

#2 Be realistic

The first step is acknowledging your worries about freelancing. Freelancing isn’t easy—it takes a lot of time, patience, and effort to succeed. But being aware of the challenges you might face enables you realistically assess them and prepare for them. Possible challenges include struggling to find clients (especially at the start), competing against established freelancers, managing your time to achieve a work-life balance, motivating yourself, and avoiding becoming isolated.

#3 Get prepared

By being realistic about your fears and the potential challenges, you can prepare yourself for the journey. One way to prepare is taking a gradual approach to becoming a freelancer, either by freelancing in your spare time or part time so you establish a client base before you make the leap. Other preparations include having emergency savings, making a business plan, and building a network. If you have all of this in place, it’s much less scary when you make the jump.

#4 Be confident

Freelancing certainly isn’t for everybody, but you can get a realistic idea of your chances of success by doing an honest self-assessment. Do you have the drive and passion to achieve your goals, and the independence and initiative to solve your own problems? If you have the skills to deliver a great service as a freelancer, the abilities to manage a freelance lifestyle, and the personal characteristics needed to freelance, then you can find a way through every challenge, so be confident in yourself.

#5 Keep the end goal in mind

Although you’re likely to encounter struggles, keep your end goal in mind, as that will help you keep your head up when times are tough. As a freelancer, you have the freedom of the freelance lifestyle—to be your own boss, set your own direction in life, and manage your own time. You get to control your own life. And that is really worth the challenges.

I can honestly say that freelancing is the best career choice I ever made, and if it’s the right career path for you, it’s worth facing a few challenges and fears along the way.

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