A Day in the Life of a Freelancer


If youdiary-2116244_640’re considering becoming a freelancer, you might be wondering what a typical day is like for a freelancer. So today, I’ll let you in on a day in my freelance life…

8.45am: As a freelancer, I wake up when I feel like it. Being a night owl, I often have a lie-in. If my husband isn’t at work, he lures me downstairs with a cup of tea, because he’s ace like that. I usually enjoy kitty cuddles with my cat Tophat.

9am: I stroll downstairs to “work” around 9, which used to be the time I had to be at the office. As my own boss, I don’t need to make up ridiculous excuses for my lateness (“I had to wait because a swan was crossing the road”, that kinda thing). I enjoy the uncrowded commute to the office, though Tophat sometimes races me down the stairs.

9.30am: I enjoy several cups of tea while perusing my emails, replying to clients, answering questions on Quora, and reading the day’s to-do list. Nothing too heavy-going, because I’m really not a morning person.

10am: I get dressed into a comfy jumper and jeans—no office dress code or pencil skirts and heels here, like my previous office jobs. I aim to work between 10am and 7pm roughly, but I don’t have a strict routine, because one of the things I love about freelancing is the freedom and flexibility.

10.30am: I have a few regular clients who I do smaller jobs for, such as proofreading or writing blogs. I tend to get those done first. I’ve developed great working relationships with these clients over the years, and it almost feels like they’re my colleagues, which is strange because we’ve often never met in person.

11am: If it’s a warm, sunny day, I work from the garden, enjoying the fresh air and birds tweeting. If it’s a cold, winter’s day, I work at my desk by the cosy fire, while the kitty curls up on my lap. Regular cups of tea are involved. My husband gets back from the gym and makes us breakfast. He is the house chef, and I am a very lucky lady.

1pm: I stop work to make lunch and do household chores (laundry, dishwasher, etc.). Sometimes I take a very long lunch and walk to a nearby coffee shop to meet a friend, or my mom comes around for a cuppa or five. This is just one of the awesome things about freelancing.

3pm: The afternoon is serious work time, because it’s when I’m at my best. The majority of my work is book editing projects. I tend to work mostly with authors who want to make the world a better place, which is also my aim in life. While I work, I blast heavy metal and sing along loudly. Or if there’s a sporting event on, like the World Cup or the Olympics, I put the entire coverage on.

7pm: I walk round to my yoga class, which is on three weeknights and Sunday mornings. It’s a great way to get out of the house most weeknights, and it provides vital stretching and exercise, because my job is preeeetty sedentary.

8.30pm: Family time commences. Me, my husband, and Tophat have dinner, then watch a film or TV show curled up on the sofa together. A purrrrfect end to the day.

Note: Although this is a typical day, I manage my working days and hours to spend maximum time with my loved ones, because the beauty of freelancing is being free to build your dream life. Cheesy, I know! 😀

What’s your typical working day like? Comment below or get in touch.

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